Year: 2018

Bavarian Recipes and bavarian Cuisine by Chef Thomas Sixt

Today I present the bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt and his website to you. The Bavarian cook comes from Munich, he photographs his own food, makes cooking videos and lets us participate in his Bavarian cuisine.

Thomas Sixt has a great recipe blog in German and English. Since he has cooked as a cooking trainer with more than 10,000 customers in cooking courses, he communicates professional tips from star gastronomy in an understandable form in his recipes and cooking wikis.…

Is Yerba Mate Good For Your Health?

Yerba Mate which is pronounced as (yer-bah mah-tay) is a part of the “Holly” family of evergreen trees which grow in subtropical forests of Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. According to Yuyo a popular Yerba Tea brand, Uruguayans drink more than 9kg of Mate every year, that happens to be about 5 times more than the tea that average Brit drinks. So why do so many people drink this tea?

Well it contains 3 feel-good stimulating compounds which include theophylline, theobromine and caffeine, with similar caffeine amounts as coffee, which is good news for the people that enjoy caffeine hits derived

3 Great Resources For Learning Mixology

Being able to mix your own cocktails is a great way to impress guests, and it’s also a great string to add to your bow if you work in a bar, but it takes a little more than knowing which spirits and mixers to combine and a few cocktail umbrellas.

Becoming a real mixologist requires a little bit more know-how than this, so if you’re an absolute beginner, you’re no doubt reading this because you’ve started doing a little bit of research.…

Bamboo salt – Korea’s heritage with 1300 years of history

Regain your health with traditional and original bamboo salt!

Sambo Bamboo Salt strives to produce reliable and healthy bamboo salt products and ensure high quality by rigorously selecting the raw materials such as bamboo and bay salt based on craftsmanship.

We only use fresh, 3- to 5-year-old bamboos and Grade 1 bay salt. Our bamboo salt, which is made by baking in an 800-degree ocher kiln 9 times for 8 hours, enhances beneficial properties of bamboo while removing harmful substances that remain in bay salt and enriching the minerals in it.

Bamboo salt is healthy salt that is made