Donat Mg Magnesium Rich Natural Mineral Water

Donat Mg is the natural mineral water that can be found at the Rogaska Slatina spa resort located in Slovenia. Ask any visitor to the area and they will surely tell you how they drank a lot of this magnesium rich natural mineral water. It has already been proven to address different health concerns such as heartburn, obesity, constipation, kidney stones, gall stones as well as other stress-related and digestive concerns. Indeed, this miracle water has a lot of promises in store for the people who drink it.

Where It All Started 

The power of this magnesium rich natural mineral water actually dates as far back as more than 8,000 years. According to the legend, the mythical winged horse Pegasus descended on the ground that resulted to the healing water bursting on the surface.  

This miracle water can be categorized in group of several natural mineral waters that is formed through the dissolution of rocks that are rich not only in magnesium  but also in hydrogen, sulphates, and calcium at a depth of 260m to 600m. It is found to have amazing beneficial effects on some health issues and this plays an important protective role in maintaining better health. 

Mythical winged horse Pegasus
Mythical winged horse Pegasus

For more than 200 years, this water has been prescribed for preventative and therapeutic purposes at the Rogaska Slatina Health Spa. While there are some other natural mineral waters found across the world that were discovered to have favorable effects on overall health and wellbeing. However, only a few of these waters were ideal and recommended for continuous drinking. This is characterized by its remarkably high mineral content that has more than 13g of matter per liter in addition to carbon dioxide. In this quantity, magnesium alone makes up for 1000 mg/l while calcium accounts for about 300mg/l. This also contains different compounds and elements that offer exciting health benefits. 

In order to understand how this mineral water can help address different health concerns, it is important to know more about its primary component, which is none other than magnesium.  

Why Do You Need Magnesium?

Magnesium plays an important role in more than 300 metabolic processes of the body. It maintains electrolyte balance, offers support for the nervous system, and reduces tiredness. Since your body doesn’t produce magnesium, you will have to absorb it through your diet.  

Donat Mg contains magnesium
One litre of Donat Mg contains as much as 1,040 milligrams of magnesium

All people are prone to magnesium deficiency yet the ones who are at higher risk are the elderly, pregnant women, teenagers, and children. It is rare to experience severe deficiencies but mild ones may cause frequent headaches, low energy levels, immunodeficiency, muscle cramps, insomnia, and anxiety. 

Even though you can get magnesium by taking supplements, your body will have a hard time absorbing these. The magnesium content of the miracle water that is approximately 1000mg per liter compared to the 375mg RDA for adults can be made immediately available to your body and gets absorbed directly.  

Benefits of Magnesium Rich Natural Mineral Water 

This magnesium rich natural mineral water can come in handy for treating the following:

Helps with weight loss

During weight loss, proteins and fats break down into acids, with the body losing essential minerals. This water can neutralize acids formed this way while the lost minerals are replaced. This works as a natural laxative that can help in eliminating waste products and leftover toxins from the body. Regular consumption can speed up metabolism and help reduce appetite.

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This water has sulphate content in the form of magnesium and sodium salts. It can also improve digestion.

Gastrointestinal issues

This mineral water has already helped a lot of people who suffer from indigestion for which the causes are unknown. The symptoms may include belching, heartburn, bloating, and feelings of fullness after every meal. The sodium, calcium, and magnesium in this water have anti-inflammatory effect as well. It also reduces the stomach lining’s swelling.    


Heartburn is that burning feeling in your chest because of stomach acid that travels up to the throat or known as acid reflux. This is an issue that one out of 10 people experience although this is more common in men, pregnant women, and older people.  

The stomach produces 2 to 3 liters of acidic fluids per day. As the result of its one of a kind composition only half a liter of this water can help neutralize these stomach acids. Its magnesium content prevents stomach contractions and enhances peristalsis. It is the reason why this water acts as a natural substitute for treating excess stomach acids. 

Gall stone prevention

The sulphates that assist with constipation can also encourage the gallbladder to empty and contract. When the gallbladder is regularly emptied, it can help prevent gall stone prevent and lowers the levels of bad cholesterol. 

Wards off kidney stones 

The high amounts of basic minerals present in the water contribute to the acid-base balance of the body and increase the kidneys’ pH levels. This helps ensure that kidney stones don’t form. 

Drinking Therapy

The popular Mineral Water Pavilion of at the Rogaska Medical Center is the main location of drinking this magnesium rich natural mineral water. This drinking therapy refers to the ritual that must be repeated at least thrice a day that is always from 20 to 30 minutes before eating. 

During the start of this drinking treatment using the magnesium rich natural mineral water, you will be provided with your own glass that has a measuring scale that will accompany you during the therapy. At the start of your stay, a consultation with commence with a balneologist who will advise you regarding the specific amount of mineral water you should drink, whether you should drink it cold or warm, and if you should drink it quickly or slowly. 

There are specific times throughout the day when patients crowd the mineral water pavilion to fill their glasses with the suggested amount of water. Most of this people love walking around the pavilion’s circle while drinking.  

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of magnesium, don’t forget to try  Donat Mg.

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