New Study Reveals that Organic Food is Significantly More Healthy For You

A new study shows that organic foods contain much higher antioxidant levels. But there are also many other benefits.

Despite the conclusion of a study out of Stanford that organic food and non-organic food is essentially the same, a new research study that looked at the findings of 343 different studies has shed new light on the topic.

New discoveries available

Researchers have discovered that there are a number of advantages to eating food that is organic as opposed to non-organic foods. One reason is the higher levels of antioxidants that can be found in organic food. Organic food also prevents a number of harmful chemicals and pesticides from entering your body.

 “The study is telling a powerful story of how organic plant-based foods are nutritionally superior and deliver bona fide health benefits,” says study author Charles Benbrook, PhD, a sustainability expert from Washington State University.

Get natural help for your body

Organic fruits and vegetables contain pytonutrients that can help the body be more healthy and can prevent disease. Additionally, the use of organic fertilization techniques keeps chemicals out of soil and helps to protect the environment.

“There should be no question now about whether organic agriculture is better for the environment and public health,” says Ken Cook, cofounder and president of Environmental Working Group. “This study breaks it down for consumers who want science-based evidence on the nutritional benefits of crops grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.”

Source: RodalesOrganicLife

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