New Organic Fast Food Trend in California

Fancy new food in Dublin; grab some tea in Livermore; Concord’s cream cups.

Organic Food Overtakes Pleasanton

You can find lots of great things in Pleasanton, beautiful parks, a cozy downtown district, but now you’ll be able to eat at the first organic fast food joint in the country that is also USDA-certified.

Opened on Tuesday, the new restaurant, called The Organic Coup, serves only organic products for its customers. One specific dish, for instance, is the Coup Signature Sandwich, which is essentially a USDA-certified organic chicken breast that’s been fried in (also organic) coconut oil with chopped organic vegetables between a pair of lightly toasted buns. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even make it unique by choosing your own kind of sauce.

Erica Welton, the founder of the restaurant, is passionate about changing society for the better, and taking over an industry by subverting the norms of fast food—hence the “coup” part of the name.

For now, The Organic Coup only has one location, on Hopyard Road, but twenty-five more stores are planned in the future. You can visit the restaurant and have a tasty organic meal between the hours of 11 AM to 7 PM every day of the week, except Sunday.

This Just In: Chevalier Closes in Lafayette

We recently learned that Chevalier will be closing permanently, after 7 years of operation. The head chef Philippe Chevalier (also the owner) and the quality French food will be sorely missed. Closing day will be the 13th of December. Run while you can to get a final bite before its demise. The chef will feature the restaurant’s most popular dishes during its last five weeks..

Cream Cups in Concord

We know our deserts, so when we noticed Cream cups in Todos Santos Plaza, we could hardly contain ourselves.

After calling the Walnut Creek store, we were able to find that the chain ice cream sandwich store will in fact be opening in Concord.

Don’t get too excited, though: The new location will be opening after December. Don’t expect any patio seating, as most of it will be inside. However, considering that there’s a park right across the street, it’s not a huge loss.

More Openings in Persimmon Place

Persimmon Place has grown into a popular shopping center, thanks to the much-loved staples of local shoppers, such as Nordstrom, Home Goods, and Whole Foods.

And though we love retail as much as anybody, food is what we’re really into, so we’re excited to learn that Patxi’s Pizza is now open and ready for business. As you might know, Yalla Mediterranean moved its location to Persimmon Place as well, and is ready to receive customers. This December, you will also be able to visit Pacific Catch at the shopping center, the eighth location of this chain.

If none of these restaurants sound like they’re up your alley, a Firehouse Subs store will be making its appearance this February.

Tea in Livermore

Walk into the new Luna Tea Company in downtown Livermore, and you’ll be greeted with organic, handcrafted tea blends as visitors are taken through the entire “tea experience” in their lounge.

We’re warning you, you may never want to leave.

All teas are organic. Most come from Sacramento but were sourced from tea plants around the world, including India, China, and Japan.

Not a tea drinker? We think you’ll change your mind, but seasonal drinks, coffees, and pastries are also available.

Started your holiday shopping? Tea accessories galore are adorable and available.

Courtesy of Luna Tea Company

 New Eats Coming to Oakland

Keep an eye out for two new foodie spaces headed to Oakland.

The Punchdown, a natural wine bar and bottle shop, is reopening with a newly signed lease at 1737 Broadway. Want to bring your wine home? Looks like a wine club is in development. We’re keeping an eye out for an opening date….

If noodles are more your thing, Itani Ramen will be opening at 1736 Telegraph Avenue, serving gourmet ramen.

Crab, Crab, and No Crab

The holiday season is looming and the crab is… not.

We spoke with Kevin Weinberg, chef and owner at Walnut Creek Yacht Club, and a true waiting game it is.

The commercial season was supposed to open November 15, but because of issues with algae, it has been delayed.

If nothing says Christmas to you like crab, never fear: The Oregon season opens December 1, and the Alaska and Washington seasons are already open. But expect to pay. Weinberg estimates the cost could soar to $15 to $20 per pound.

Stay tuned for more on this holiday favorite.


Featured Image: Courtesy of The Organic Coup


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