The collapse of the USDA Organic Seal

Exactly when you felt obtaining REAL preservative and chemical stabilizer free natural food was sufficiently tough, the Consumers Union, editor of Consumer Reports has downsized the USDA Organic Seal from “highly meaningful” to “meaningful,”  saying that the organic program is strikingly deviating from its unique command to serve as a watchman for giving humanly nurtured, low-affect, genuinely clean nourishment to the health movement development in the U.S.

What provoked this you may inquire? One case was the quick release with no genuine examination by the authorization division of the National Organic Program (NOP) of the formal legitimate objection fillings by the Cornucopia Institute with the USDA opposing 14 enormous poultry and dairy CAFOs. The filing incorporated the tendering of several high-res images, satellite imagery and state administrative archives, which obviously justified more than this blanket reaction: “The NOP has explored these protests and has verified that examination is ridiculous.”

Having said all that, don’t worry, as the solution happens to be within reach. Becoming more acquainted with your nearby organic farmers and expressly checking their practices, or likewise essentially developing your own nourishment, is the characteristic answer for this predicament.

Source: Cornucopia

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