Purchasing made easier: ChefMod

Many restaurant owners have been asking a lot about ChefMod. Probably they saw an advertisement on T.V or heard about it from a business partner. Have you had issues with your suppliers? Have they not been meeting your deadlines? With ChefMod, you won’t be dealing with such issues as they will have been taken care of.

The core question we ask ourselves is: where did ChefMod come from? The company was born when two veteran, smart restaurant owners sat down and came up with a brilliant idea of making the company. The core founders of ChefMod are John Oldweiler and Eduard Spivak. ChefMod has been in business since 2005, having grown and expanded exponentially since then.

Let us learn more about the company. ChefMod provides independent and small group foodservice establishments with business class, cloud based purchasing and recipe management solutions for both the desktop and mobile devices. The company is member-based and uses the collective resource of its growing group to provide efficient skilled personnel to manage the purchasing process, to provide sophisticated online tools, to fully organize the purchasing life cycle, and to carefully select vendors to service the community.


How does ChefMod stay in business? What services does the company offer? ChefMod makes purchasing easy. The company’s cloud based system gives you access to a suite of tools accessible from your computer, or mobile device. Some of the software that the company employs are:

  1. Order 1-2-3

ChefMod shows you in a clear and simple language how to compare sizes and brands so that you can make the best decision.

  1. Secure Order

This is a self-learning software which gets smarter with every order you make. You might ask yourself why you need this. It shields you from simple mistakes by validating every item ordered. It even recommends a customized quantity.

  1. Mobile App

ChefMod Mobile App takes Secure Order one step further by using your own order history to recommend order quantities generated in your shopping cart.

  1. Analytics

As a businessperson, you always want to know your spending patterns. The system analyses your data in the most meaningful way.

  1. Financial

Managing your costs is the most important part of the accounting process. ChefMod gives you the tools with the least amount of fuss.

These among other services are offered at ChefMod. Head Offices are in one of, if not the, busiest cities in terms of business i.e. New York, NY.

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