3 Great Resources For Learning Mixology

Being able to mix your own cocktails is a great way to impress guests, and it’s also a great string to add to your bow if you work in a bar, but it takes a little more than knowing which spirits and mixers to combine and a few cocktail umbrellas.

Becoming a real mixologist requires a little bit more know-how than this, so if you’re an absolute beginner, you’re no doubt reading this because you’ve started doing a little bit of research.

There are more cocktails in the world than you can shake a, well, shaker at, and once you have gained a bit of mixology knowledge you may even find yourself inventing your own fabulous concoctions. But first, you’ll need to start from the beginning!

With that in mind, we thought we’d share with you three really great resources if you’re just starting out learning mixology yourself. Read on for our recommendations!

The ultimate visual guide to mixology

This infographic from Hospitality Training Solutions is a great one to save and come back to, as it makes it really easy to quickly refer to exactly what you need for all the classic cocktails we know and love.

It spells out which glass to use as well as the ingredients and method, and everything is standardised to make things easy. Why not use it as a reference and work your way through perfecting each one? We think this is a great place to start if you’re just getting to grips with cocktails.

Stir and Strain

As booze blogs go, Stir and Strain is a really good one. With regular posts featuring cocktail recipes, twists on old favourites, and odes to liqueurs you may never have heard of otherwise, you’re sure to be hooked if you’re into your mixology.

Elana who writes it loves to develop and test cocktails from her home bar, and she is a huge believer in making your own bar syrups and garnishes, so you may be inspired to do the same.

There are features such as city guides from other cocktail bloggers or bartenders who shed light on their favourite local drinking haunts, which makes it a great resource if you’re hoping to scope out somewhere to enjoy a cocktail on your next holiday.

The Drink Blog

If you’re looking for beautifully photographed cocktail recipes then head on over to the Drink Blog. Run by Morgan and Alice, they decided to pour their enthusiasm for drinks into a little corner of the internet, and it is a great resource if you love your drinks too!

Morgan got his bartending certification in college and shares his expertise along with plenty of enthusiasm. You’ll find product reviews, recipes, and write-ups of places to visit for a great drink.

We hope this has helped you to find a few new resources to tap into while you’re on your own mixology journey. There’s plenty between them for you to get stuck into, and we are sure that you’ll be an expert mixologist coming up with your own fantastic cocktails and impressing at parties in no time!

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