Bavarian Recipes and bavarian Cuisine by Chef Thomas Sixt

Today I present the bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt and his website to you. The Bavarian cook comes from Munich, he photographs his own food, makes cooking videos and lets us participate in his Bavarian cuisine.

Thomas Sixt has a great recipe blog in German and English. Since he has cooked as a cooking trainer with more than 10,000 customers in cooking courses, he communicates professional tips from star gastronomy in an understandable form in his recipes and cooking wikis.

I selected myself a very popular, international court, it concerns Bavarian Schweinebraten – bavarian roast pork. Thomas presents here a recipe from his family.

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In addition to meat preparation, the traditional Bavarian side dishes such as sauerkraut and dumplings are shown step by step. In addition Thomas has shot a Headcam Cooking Video and gives you all the tips for the perfect Bavarian roast pork.

Wow, I cooked the dish for my family on the weekend and it was really incredibly delicious. The Bavarian beer sauce is a real punch and tastes great with the dumplings. Anyone who has now had the desire to try more recipes from Thomas can have a look at the Recipes from the Bavarian Chef  directly.

Good luck to you …

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