A Shot of Cayenne in the Early Morning Improves Circulation and Rejuvenates Your Body’s Cells

Little known fact: drinking cayenne pepper juice stimulates heart action, but doesn’t increase your blood pressure.

The spicy cayenne pepper  is known by many names, including the red hot chili pepper, the bird pepper, the cow-horn pepper, and the Guinea spice, but regardless of what you call it, its powerful effects remain the same: it can stimulate the regeneration of the body’s organs and tissues, and can even benefit the health and function of both the male and female sex organs because of its tendency to promote good blood flow and circulation.

Many experts in herbalism agree that the cayenne …

Healthy and Tasty: The First USDA-Certified Organic Fast Food Restaurant in the United States

Finally, a lucky break for those of us who love to eat healthy and organic, but who are too lazy to fry our own chicken.

According to Fox News, the first fast food establishment to serve exclusively USDA-certified organic food opened  two weeks ago in San Francisco. They have a small menu—mostly fried chicken, in either a bowl, a sandwich, or a wrap—and are a bit pricey (8.99 USD for a main course), but this is basically expected considering the relatively small supply of certified organic products compared to their non-organic counterparts. Smaller supply means higher prices.

In …

New Organic Fast Food Trend in California

Fancy new food in Dublin; grab some tea in Livermore; Concord’s cream cups.

Organic Food Overtakes Pleasanton

You can find lots of great things in Pleasanton, beautiful parks, a cozy downtown district, but now you’ll be able to eat at the first organic fast food joint in the country that is also USDA-certified.

Opened on Tuesday, the new restaurant, called The Organic Coup, serves only organic products for its customers. One specific dish, for instance, is the Coup Signature Sandwich, which is essentially a USDA-certified organic chicken breast that’s been fried in (also organic) coconut oil with chopped organic …

The Very Best Blueberry Lemon Bread You’ve Ever Tasted. (It is Grain Free and Paleo!)

Blueberries are going to disappear soon so I wanted to get in one more summer dessert. Look at this beautiful Paleo Blueberry Lemon Bread.

I am a creature of habit and I live for rituals in life. This gives me consistency in my schedule that can be chaotic at times. Every Sunday morning I wake up, eat breakfast, and hit up my favorite Farmer’s Market in town. The first place I like to visit is the gluten-free bakery booth for Pao de Queijo (just a fancy way of saying Brazilian cheese bread.) My daughter will get one with plain and …

Kroger Reveals How Much Organic Foods Sells Each Year

Kroger announced that natural and organic product sales not total more than $11 billion annually.

Mike Donnelley, Cincinnati-based executive vice president of merchandising, stated that figure during Kroger’s annual investor conference with analysts and investors on Tuesday. It is the first time in history that Kroger has stated how much its natural and organic business generated in sales for public knowledge. That is about 10% of Kroger’s annual sales, which was more than $108 billion last year.…

Everything you need to know about getting organic produce during the winter months

There is nothing better than the endless supply of fruits and vegetables that are available during the winter months. It makes us feel as though we can have any kind of produce that we want. There are farmers markets and supermarkets on every corner that are full of fresh produce. In addition, a lot of people are beginning to grow fruits and vegetables in their own backyards. Unfortunately, summer is not all year long and obtaining these fresh fruits and vegetables can prove to be difficult in the winter. It can also be more expensive. Fear not! I never said …

Millennials Are Turning The Food Industry On Its Head

A group of professionals at the Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit says millennials are turning the food industry on its head to an $18 billion revolution.

Up to 25 top U.S. based food and beverage companies shared among themselves this market loss in the last five years.

Fortune Beth Kowitt, a senior writer, used that amazing number to initiate a panel to discuss on the topic “The New Food Revolution” on Tuesday the 12th of October at the Most Powerful Women Summit.

It is expedient here to ask, who or what should be held accountable for this drastic shift? …

Food Industry Responds to Consumer Demand Seeking a Reduction in Artificial Ingredients

In Michael Pollan’s Six Rules for Eating Wisely, warned against consuming foods that our great-great-great grandmothers wouldn’t identify. Well, this is easier said than done.

While a 2015 Nielsen survey shows that a large number of Americans want fresh, natural, and modestly processed foods, Azodicarbonamide (yoga mat chemicals) has been discovered in almost 500 food products. Yet, the trend is changing as fast food chains, fast casual restaurants and even multinationals are responding to pressure from consumers, especially from Millennial demanding food made without artificial ingredients.…

Which is more important: Local or organic sourced foods?

According to a recent study made on organic and non-organic foods in Germany, it was revealed that consumers are more interested in knowing whether foods are locally sourced or not than knowing whether foods have organic source or not.

The study, published in Appetite, explained the differences in consumers’ behavior and willingness-to-pay (WTP) values between consumers who prefer organic production of food to locally processed foods and those who consider it the other way round. The research further exposed that organic-minded consumers have a stronger preference and estimated WTP for both local and organic processed foods.…